Life Library Project

Life Liverary Project

Through life library, a lot of information and ideas and ‘or’ emotions that intertwined organized and taken out of the information and energy stored in my view , and with variations of my life content in a variety of media, the media – the subject is the life acquire the potential changes and, as a result interact with each other that their respective independent media spread the culture you. Through this process, that their lives have any meaning, and if you want something go find yourself. And communicate with and understand the culture and occurs naturally accumulated wisdom. This is the raison d’etre of life, a life oriented library library.

Life Library


The library is their life experience and knowledge, online and offline integrated services platform, Online & Offline LIFE-CONTENTS PLATFORM for dialogue and understanding with a variety of life on earth and connecting with insight and archives life story takes place in the district. Information is excessive, and the context and structure of life by viewing much information, I think the competition plethora of systems, individuals live without free turn around themselves while tangled emotions are taken out easily the information and energy stored within their own understanding to organize themselves, and the lives of others is also acceptable to provide a variety of flexible terms and dialogue toolkit, programs, research and development services, which helps to live together.

This Makes It


Life Library offers a variety of toolkits and research and development programs, such as toolkits Toolkits Toolkit and how to use and take advantage of the toolkit, media education and community programs, such as the toolkit, tools, accessories, stationery for your life clean and communication. It also offers its own creative media content, such as podcasts, composed of “Project Life” book series, workshops and theory teaching materials published content with life interviews, issues such talk. And create a Platform-off platform for these activities will operate. Sales and experience, service, training, and off space as a meeting place of the toolkit is active and preparing an online platform for publishing information archive life, and exchange a variety of formats.

To These Activities


It provides a toolkit and sales experience, usage and utilization of media education and media archival life content, packaging and publishing services for general customers who want to reflect on life. Further positive progress Toolkit Specialist, Program Specialist will also reflect on life in parallel. Team building and work-life creator courses for businesses are also available. Most of the various efforts to Be-A-Book, the media become Be-A-Media Culture Diffusion become a book for the exchange of insights and wisdom more actively in life library space and content alliance activities, and their life as a community center by tilting, I want to contribute to solving the problem of communication between tiers between generations as’ connected us.

Yourself “question life ‘is the basic starting point and the value of the various libraries to pursue a life.

Avoiding to internalize and learn the social system or answer haedun others Chung unconditionally and observed things constantly out around me in the context of my life and my own potential through the questions and critical meetings themselves – Indeed effort to find the answer, the hero I think that as a driving force to live. Life library community over the question, with a wealth of personal life through the attempt to view and organize their lives, based on the organized content to try packaging and express life in a variety of media, share a representation results and communicate the pursuit of cultural diversity at the same time.

01 organize life ORGANIZE & ARCHIVE

As well as living space, live a modern life, such as relationships, work process, information should you need to learn is apt to become excessive in every way. Being able to organize will definitely know well why the choice what to do, is to decide for yourself if you want to live the kind of life

02 represent life MAKE & EXPRESS

What lives as human beings on the planet, maybe, we would live and express in their own way, depending on the context facing the implementation of this principle time and space to find your own reason for existence. If you have established themselves through the questions and organize to create or express something natural and will go live

03 to communicate life SHARE & COMMUNICATE

All the problems of life are a matter of relations with all beings around me and finally me. Also good for every moment and given the task of management to other life to wonderful views of the various elements of the present context and accommodates diverse perspectives and constantly available via an open mind to talk

Goals And Vision


Exists to provide practical help Life Library of various media tools and space settings, content and programs through, everyone realizes the self itself easily organize your reason for existence and purpose of life, based on such an understanding it to management for their lives The. Goals and vision oriented through various activities Life Library Project, grab the following:


All the best expression within the context of the life he faced upon his reason for existence and life of each other – seeking community living, while the exchange of content


It provides a platform that anyone can easily organize their own unique life, and packaged by alternating the life – want to build a content-based economy


You want to contribute to make the experience as a District Chapter in harmony full of mutual space – by peaceful individuals to communicate while enjoying the best of life, life