[Store Terms and Conditions]

Article 1 [Purpose)

This agreement is called Internet-related services (the “Services” provided by (hereinafter referred to as the “Sites”) {Mall name}, the company that operates the mall {Mall name}, and use, regardless of the type of access available wired and wireless devices members have the right of utilizing the means for all services) provided by the available sites: • the purpose of setting forth the obligations and responsibilities.

Article 2 (Definition)

1. “Site” shall mean the company which the Company is using information and communication equipment such as a computer refers to a set of virtual casino to trade ‘goods’, operating a cyber mall to provide products to members also used. Includes a Web and mobile app services, including Android, iOS environment that currently the Company is a “site” is a mall {URL} to operate, with services.

2. ‘member’ is referred to as a one-party members registered to provide personal information to the Sites, we receive are continuing to provide the information in the “site” in accordance with the policy set out in registering the Sites, providing a ‘site’ the “service” refers to those that can be used to continue.

3. “Password” referred to by the members themselves set up to verify the identity and membership rights and confidentiality of the members is a combination of letters and numbers registered in the ‘Site’.

4. Capitalized terms not defined in this Agreement is subject as provided in the relevant laws and regulations, otherwise you in the general commercial practices.

Article 3 (as defined and described, and amendments to Conditions)

1. ‘company’ is published on the terms and conditions and the name and representative name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, company registration number, such as a member is easy to see the “Sites” early “Service” screen to allow the. However, you can view specific details of the agreement are members through the connection screen.

2. ‘Company’ ‘Act on the Regulation of the agreement “,” Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce “,” E-Commerce Basic Law “,” Electronic Signature Act “,” Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization “,” consumer in a range that does not violate the relevant laws, including the Basic Law, “may amend these Terms and Conditions.

3. Notice to the Company will be amended if the terms are amended to specify the effective date and the reason the day before their effective date prior to 7 days from date of application to the initial screen of the “site” with the current agreement.

4. If you have amended the agreement the Company has revised its terms and conditions that apply to only apply to agreements entered into after this date and will remain in effect before the amendment of the Terms for the already contracted earlier. However, this has revised the Terms If you’ve already sent to the Company within the notice period of the amended agreement by the means that members who have signed an agreement that you want to receive the application of the revised terms of the provisions in paragraph 3 received the consent of the Company apply It’s possible.

5. If a member after the effective date notice under paragraph 3 continues to use the Services of the Company, try to agree to the revised terms. Member who does not agree to the revised terms and conditions can be revoked at any time free ‘service’ the contract.

4 (Conditions other rules)

The provisions of the relevant laws such as “Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce” on matters and interpretation of these Terms not defined in this Agreement and subject to normal commercial practices.

Fifth (Establishment of Use Agreement)

1. Use Agreement are those who want to become members (the “Join the applicant ‘) is a member through the member information (email address, password, or social networks according to the content and accept subscription form, and set the’ Company ‘in terms of apply for membership fill out the sign-up information, etc.) it will be signed by the ‘company’ approved for this application.

2. the Company may terminate the contract in the following does not apply with respect to the authorization for each call death.

end. If you have a “subscription applicants’ lost its previous membership in by these terms. However, if a person who is 3 months after the Member Disqualification obtained the consent of the Member rejoin the Company are referred to as exceptions

All. Based on false information in the registration information, or omission, if the import

la. If the current Member since only less than 14 years old

hemp. If you have already been registered members of the same name and e-mail address

bar. If you want to use this “service” for the purpose of pursuing fraudulent purposes or for profit

four. Approval is impossible due to reasons attributable to the Member or any other violation of the rules matters and if you are applying

Ah. If the other violates the Terms or illegal or improper use application to be a check and if the Company is deemed necessary by reasonable judgment

3. ‘Company’ or the free use of the Services associated facilities, can be reserved for approval if there are technical or business issues.

4. If you have not accepted the membership application or reserves according to claim 2, in which case the Company is, as a rule, to notify them ‘to join the applicant.

5. The establishment period of the contract is a time when the ‘Company’ displays the completed sign-up on the application process.

6. “Company” is divided into grades according to the Company policy for the members to three minutes to hours, using the number, the “Services” menu, etc., you can leave the differential in use.

7. “Company” Rating due respect to the members, etc., and “Youth Protection Law”, “Law on Promotion of Film and Video of water” and can be used to limit or restrict the age rating compliance.

Article 6 (Change of privacy)

Members can always view and edit your personal information through a personal information management screen.

Section 7 (protection of personal information)

1. ‘Company’ compliance with what prescribed in the relevant laws, such as “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection,” in order to protect the privacy of its members.

2. the Company must post a privacy policy to protect the privacy of members enacted, the ‘services’ initial screen. However, the specifics of our Privacy Policy can be viewed through a connected screen.

3. “Company” is committed to protecting your privacy as much as possible of the members in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

4. Privacy Policy of the Company does not apply to the outside of the ‘Company’ official ‘site’ link on the site. The site and ‘goods’ third party and to privacy is responsible for ensuring the handling and related to the corresponding “Site” and third-party privacy policy members to provide, the Company hereby responsible for links Do not.

5. ‘company’ can provide members’ information to third parties to the extent permitted by law in the following cases:

end. If you receive a request for information from law enforcement agencies or other government agencies

I. Including violations of the laws or the terms and conditions of membership when necessary to protect information services such as check fraud

All. If it required by other legislation

la. If you like the seller or shipper provides the minimum information of (name, address, telephone number) it is necessary for trading and shipping

hemp. Even after the purchase, when the sacraments if necessary for their implementation and the purchase is completed, if necessary, for returns, exchanges, refunds, cancellations, etc.

Article 8 (using the end of the contract)

1. Termination of membership

end. Members may terminate the contract at any time by notice to the Company to terminate the doctor.

I. The contract will be terminated when one member cancellation of the doctor reaches the ‘Company’.

All. Members have a termination under this section may rejoin as a member in accordance with the relevant provisions and the terms and conditions prescribed by the registration process.

2. Termination of the company

end. If the ‘Company’ with the following reasons, you can terminate the contract. In this case, the Company will terminate revealed to the members email address, reason for revocation by phone, and other methods of notifying physicians. However, the Company may be granted the opportunity to comment on the statement of reasons for termination prior to the member.

① If the reason for denial of approval of the contract which set out in Article 5, paragraph 2, that the check

② If the members of the Company or other members or other rights of others, honor, credit and other acts that infringe upon the legitimate interests

③ If other members violate this agreement or the reasons for termination set forth in these Terms and Conditions caused

I. The contract is terminated by the ‘Company’ notice of intention to terminate membership. In this case, the Company will be sent to registered members E-mail addresses revocation doctor or replaced on notification by publication in the Bulletin of the Company.

All. If the contract is terminated and reserve members of the coupons will be destroyed, and the refund of the provisions of the Company with respect to the processing of refunds.

la. Damages incurred in connection with the termination of the contract will pay the member responsible for the use of contract termination and the Company does not assume any responsibility.

Article 9 (Withdrawal and Disqualification)

1. Members can request a withdrawal at any time on the Company and the Company will handle it in accordance with the provisions relating to the membership withdrawal.

2. If a member corresponding to each of the following reasons, the Company may be restricted and stop the membership.

end. Interfere with the ‘Sites’ use of another person or if such a threat to electronic commerce in order to steal the information

I. Use the “site” is prohibited by legislation and agreement, or if the act is contrary to public order yangsok

All. Other acts such as the following to the healthy operation of the Sites, or if it interferes with the work of the ‘site’

① If either of the unfounded connection with the operation of the ‘site’ true or false facts or disseminate timely and tarnished the reputation of the Company or undermine the credibility of the ‘site’

② If you interfere with their employees in the course of using the “site” verbal abuse, intimidation or the operation of the ‘site’ in indecent words and deeds, etc.

③ ‘site’ After a habitual or repeated withdrawal without justifiable reason to buy “goods” through ∙ If you are returning to interfere with the ‘Company’ business

④ Even if there are no special cases to let the ‘site’ a ‘goods’ purchase through to disturb the ‘Company’ business as habitual ∙ cancellation in whole or in part, including return after some use

3. “Company” restricted membership ∙ After stopping repeated more than once, or if the same conduct which are not corrected within 30 days of the reasons that the Company may be loss of membership.

4. If you are in the “site” for the purpose of interfering with the resale of the Sites, including trade order to buy duplicate the ‘goods’ ‘Company’, you can lose the membership of a member of the art.

5. In the case of the Company the loss of membership cancellation must register. In this case, the Member to notify it in accordance with Article 8, paragraph 2 (b) list and give the opportunity to call before the Register obliterated.

Article 10 (Obligation for Member ID and Password)

1. ID and administrative responsibilities of the members (e-mail and social network linked resulting ID number in) and password and are now members own any civil or criminal liability incurred by them in ∙ neglected.

2. Members should not make use of their ID and password to a third party.

3. If a Member is aware that the use stolen your ID and password, or a third party has to immediately inform the Company and have followed him if you have the ‘Company’ actions.

4. Members are now responsible for all disadvantages that membership does not give notice in accordance with paragraph 3 occurs not respond to the actions of the Company.

Article 11 (Obligations)

1. Members should engage in relevant laws and regulations, shall comply with the provisions of this agreement, the use of descriptions such as ‘company’ notice of, and sabotage are the other ‘companies’ business.

2. Members should engage in each of the following acts with respect to the Services.

end. “Service” application, or change the time of registration of false information

I. Steal someone’s information

All. Unauthorized changes to the information posted on the “site”

la. ‘Company’ is sent or posted outside of the prescribed information (computer programs)

hemp. Infringement of intellectual property rights, including the Company and other third party rights

bar. ‘Company’ and the other acts that damage the honor of third parties or hinder the work

four. Obscene or violent messages ∙ pictures ∙ voice and other public order disclosure of information contrary to yangsok the ‘Company’ or publish actions

Ah. The act of using a ‘service’ for profit without the consent of the Company

character. Other laws or acts contrary to the provisions set out in the ‘Company’

Article 12 (Members of the posts)

1. The members and our members have all the rights and responsibilities publish them on the posts, the Company is a member of the post or deleted without notice in the case of ‘services’ contents to register that you believe that each of the following section can, and contrast the company does not undertake any responsibility.

2. If those calumny other members or a third person information or to damage the reputation to slander

3. If the information that is in violation of public order and morals

4. Where justified by the conjunction of criminal acts

5. If the ‘Company’ copyrights, the first content that infringes other rights of third parties, such as copyright

6. If a member is serving or link to pornographic sites pornography on the Sites and bulletin board

7. commercials from the ‘company’ which have received prior approval, in the case of posting promotional information,

8. If the content is not related to the product

9. If you base your content without justifiable reasons interfere with our sales

10. If it is determined that a violation of other laws

Article 13 (Notification to Member)

1. You can, if the Company is to be notified to the members, the members joined submitted to the Company at the time of application e-mail address or SMS, PUSH, etc.

2. ‘company’ in the case of notification for unspecified members, you can replace individual notification by post a week or more “sites”. However, with respect to individual notifications to your members a significant impact with respect to their transaction.

(Obligations of the “Company”), Article 14

1. ‘company’ is the relevant laws and the terms of the ban or not to act contrary to public order yangsok continuously, as prescribed by the agreement, must be stable and do our best to provide the ‘goods’.

2. ‘Company’ is equipped with a security system for the member’s personal information (including credit information) to help protect members can safely use the Services and disclosures in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

3. “Company” if you have any comments or complaints raised by members will be recognized as a legitimate and objectively, it should be treated immediately through appropriate procedures. However, if immediate treatment is difficult, it is required to notify members of the reasons and schedules.

Article 15 (terms and conditions for individual service)

“Company” is two separate terms and conditions for individual services in the “service” that provides and consent to the terms and conditions that apply separately in individual service when members first access to individual services will go through a separate consent . In this case, the first in this agreement, including terms and conditions for individual services.

Article 16 (the “Service” Hours)

Use of the Services is 24 hours, in principle, one day unless there is a special business or technical difficulty of the Company None. Just need regular maintenance such as the date and time the Company established are excluded. Regular inspection hours are subject bar one known in the ‘service’ provided on the screen.

Article 17 (Services by charge)

Members shall not, except by the Company specifically permitted by the express written and signed will be the sales activities to sell products using the ‘Services’ commercial practices through the particular hacking, money advertising, pornographic sites, etc. you can not be a commercial S / W illegally distribute such. This results generated from operating activities and losses of violating, with respect to such legal action by the authorities is a ‘company’ is not responsible.

Article 18 (Suspension of the provision of the Services)

1. the Company may suspend the provision of the Services if the following for each call.

end. If the maintenance of computers, telecommunications equipment ∙ The reasons for such replacements and failures, disruption of communication occurs

I. If the time period specified in the operators’ Telecommunications Business Act “to stop the telecommunications’ services’

All. If you have any other force majeure reasons

2. the Company may restrict or suspend all or part of the ‘service’ when you interfere with the normal ‘services’ used in national emergencies, power outages, ‘services’ such as congestion or failure of the Services by amenities There is.

3. If the Company is temporarily suspend the provision of the Services will notify the service suspended fact and the reason for the ‘site’ initial screen.

Article 19 (publication of the information provided and advertising)

1. ‘Company’ members can offer members a ‘service’ requires using a variety of known locations or by e-mail that information to be recognized during or, SMS, way of telephone. However, members can answer, such as the exclusion of such transactions and customer contact information in accordance with the law and is rejected at any time for receiving such e-mails.

2. the Company can show your ad on the “Services” screen, website, e-mail in connection with the operation of a ‘service’. Members who receive the ads, such as the e-mail can be received by rejecting the ‘Company’.

Article 20 (Purchase Request)

1. Members should apply for a purchase by following or similar manner in accordance with the provisions of the present agreement and the Company determined.

end. The choice of ‘goods’

I. The buyer’s name, address, telephone number, email address, enter the recipient’s name, shipping information, phone number,

All. Check for a note at checkout

la. Show that you agree to these terms (eg, a mouse click)

2. the Company will receive a confirmation notice to the Member if you purchased the application for membership.

3. Members who protested before the acknowledgment notification can ask if there is disagreement, such as the intention, after receiving the acknowledgment notified immediately purchase application changes and cancellations. However, if you have already paid for, it is subject to the provisions concerning cancellation Article 24.

Article 21 (payment methods)

1. The payment method for the purchase of goods or coupons from the ‘Company’ may be the next one subparagraphs.

end. Credit card payment

I. Real-time bank transfer

All. Escrow payment

la. Bank transfer

hemp. Other payment methods ‘Company’ additional designation (discount coupons, smart phone apps, etc.)

2. Responsibility and penalties incurred by members in connection with the information and enter the information in connection with the payment of the purchase price will be borne solely members.

Article 22 (supply of “goods”)

1. ‘company’ is about the supply of “goods” within the Member as soon as possible from the date of the later members without a separate agreement to purchase ‘goods’ orders to ship ‘goods’ production, packaging, etc. other necessary actions.

2. The ‘Company’ shall be members of the supply procedures and proceedings, appropriate measures to verify the purchase payments for the ‘goods’ of ‘goods’, shall guide the cancellation methods and procedures of the ‘goods’ The.

3. the Company will specify the delivery means for the ‘goods’ Member of the purchase, by means of shipping costs, shipping costs budamja, by means of such posting.

4. In the first case of this agreement, a separate agreement with respect to the Company and provided time of delivery time of goods and coupons among customers.

Article 23 (refund)

The Company is a member of the Purchase Request a ‘goods’ is for reasons such as out of stock when you can not be delivered or provided without delay and shall notify the reasons to the member, if the advance received payments for “goods” includes payments for from that day arrives will take the necessary measures to reimbursement or refund within seven business days.

Article 24 (cancellation, etc.)

1. The purchase cancellation and refund policy of the Company in the “goods” are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, such as “Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce”.

2. from the date of the supply of the Company, and (the date of receiving the email or SMS text notification, etc.) ‘goods’ members who have signed a contract on the purchase receipt confirmation notice received the day of or the ‘goods’ within 7 days, you can withdraw the offer.

3. The members if the subparagraphs below if you received the shipment ‘goods’ can not be exchanged or returned, refunded.

end. If by reason of that responsibility to the members ‘goods’ it is lost or damaged (but undermined if the packaging, etc. In order to confirm the contents of the ‘goods’ can be a cancellation.)

I. If members use or have significantly reduced the value of ‘goods’ are paid by the

All. By the lapse of time so difficult to resell if the value of “goods” significantly decreased

la. If the same performance as with the ‘goods’ replicable undermined if the original packaging of ‘goods’

hemp. If a company notice in advance about the cancellation of restrictions such as specific offers or products

5. Members paragraph 3 and Article 4 Notwithstanding the provisions of the ‘goods’ of advertising content to appear ∙ false or contracts when the content and implementation of different art within three days of receiving the supply of ‘goods’ the day could not know the day or the fact that you can, including the cancellation within 10 days.

Article 25 (effect such cancellation)

1. If a member is canceled, or a refund of the ‘goods’ purchase ‘Company’ will be notified in the manner specified in Article 13 (Notification to members) for the treatment results.

2. the Company has been returned if the coupon cancellation request or goods from Member to refund the payments already received payment within 7 business days. In this case, the Company will pay the Fair Trade Commission determined and notified by the delay and the delay calculated by multiplying the interest rate for that period of delay when delay the return of such goods to its members.

3. In case of cancellation costs for the return of the ‘goods’ receiving supplies must be borne by the members. However, the costs of the ‘goods’ if the contents are displayed, such as advertising content ∙ false or agreement, unlike the cancellation of the implementation of the “goods” shall be borne by the Company.

5. If one of the members by a simple change of heart cancellation fees and other expenses that occur in the refund process will be borne by the members.

6. Other subject as provided in these Terms and consumer compensation regulations for information on cancellations and refunds are not specified in the instructions of use “sites”.

Article 26 (teukchik of cancellation and refund of the ‘goods’)

Refund of the return of the goods is a product that gets returned to the seller, this is done after the self check return reason and return shipping expense.

Article 27 (Management of posts)

1. If you include information which members of the post is a violation of applicable laws and regulations such as “Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Act, etc.” and “copyright”, owners takedown of the post in accordance with the established procedures laws and deleted and to request such, the company is required to take action in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

2. ‘Company’ temporary measures, such as for the ‘post’ in accordance with, the laws if there is no request of the holder in accordance with the preceding paragraph, or even a reason to be recognized by the infringement in violation of other “companies’ policies and legislation you can take.

3. Detailed procedures under this section is subject to the “takedown services, the” Company “established within” Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection Act on the “scope and a” copyright law “the regulation.

Article 28 (Disclaimer)

1. ‘Company’ if you can not provide the Services due to force majeure or natural disasters, this has the responsibility for providing ‘services’ are exempt.

2. the Company is not responsible for the failure of the use of the Services due to reasons attributable to the member.

3. ‘Company’ membership is not responsible for lost profits expected to use the Services, will be held responsible for the damages caused by other data obtained through the Services.

4. ‘Company’ one member posted the information, the data, when it comes to reliability, accuracy of information, such as the fact not responsible.

5. The user is legally responsible for the information Member of mail was sent.

6. ‘Company’ to the ‘services’ to the members or between members and third parties mediated between the case of such transactions, the liability will be waived.

7. ‘company’ in relation to ‘services’ used to be free not responsible, unless otherwise specified in the legislation.

Article 29 (conflict resolution)

1. ‘company’ reflects the legitimate opinions or complaints raised by members to install, operate the compensation processing mechanism for compensation of the damage.

2. ‘Company’ complaints and comments submitted by members will handle the details first. However, if the rapid processing difficulties must immediately notify members of the reasons and schedules.

Article 30 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

1. Apply the Law of the Republic of Korea with respect to the dispute between the interpretation and the Company and the members of the agreement.

2. ‘service’ proceedings between members and the Company incurred during use are filed in the competent court according to the Code of Civil Procedure.


1. This agreement is effective from September 1, 2016 January.

2. The amended Agreement shall apply only to agreements entered into after the effective date and before the contract accept the Terms and Conditions before the amendments for a tightening.

② e-commerce lawsuits filed between the “mall” and users are applying the laws of Korea.